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Frantoio, olive, seemingly wild, untameable, firm and its own, different, stronger than the rest. Its oil has taken the very best from the tree and fruit! Robust, strong, peppery on the tongue but still rounded and supple in the throat. First night Frantoio, although originally from Tuscany, perfectly suits the climate of western Istria and Grožnjan. In it you can feel the winter Bora wind and snow from the nearby Alps, but also a breath of the sea that the olives of the family Galić continually watch and follow. First night Frantoio, precisely because of its robustness and strength, is of the exact same quality even after two or three years after being picked.



While the variety speaks of the tree, its genetic material, the coupage tells more of a story about the territory and about the people who produce the oil. In the B10 Fusion, the old local variety Karbonaca dominates. It is surprisingly gentle and blends with ease with the foreign “conquerors” Leccino and Frantoio, to which the somewhat fierce local Istrian bjelica is also added. Fusion is different every year, depending on the increasingly strange weather conditions. Try it on different occasions. We particularly like it with local eggs but it also loves fish, especially oily fish.



A variety from Tuscany but it is already so widespread that we can consider it our own. Maybe the most beautiful, certainly the most elegant tree suffers through all weather conditions, from increasingly rare fierce Bora winds to the increasingly common intense heat. The oil like the tree is noble and elegant. Stronger in the Buje area than in other tamer regions. It’s best to try it with a light salad and meat, white fish. Or simply have a spoon full in the morning and you’ll be stronger and more vital right up to lunch.

Istarska bjelica

Istrian Bjelica

An old variety that has in recent years been seen in different varieties.  It may have small olives but you can also find trees with stronger, larger olives. The tree continually “rises up” as if wanting to keep its beautiful green-gold olives from impatient pickers. Even though the Istrian winter doesn’t bother it, it is known to be erratic when bearing fruit so you won’t have lots of olives to pick every single year.  

Enjoy it with heavier salads and a good piece of grilled meat. Even wild game too.

Fusion za djecu

Fusion for children

Children don’t need to be told what they’re trying; their unspoiled senses will recognise what’s good. The only thing they expect from their parents is that they will allow them to experiment and not get angry when a drop of oil falls on their new t-shirt. And yes, olive oil is very healthy…

P.S. Don’t put B10 Fusion into Coca Cola!



Karbonaca or karbona is an old local variety which yields fine friuty olive oil. It fits perfectly with fish, especially pelagic like tuna or salmon and fresh seafood.

In our olive grove, all karbonaca trees have been restored after years of neglect. Maybe exactly because of this neglect Karbonaca is very resistant to deseases and pests which make it perfect for organic farming.



Rosignola is a local variety which gives a great olive oil of intense aroma and powerful bitterness and pungency. It perfectly fits with meat and game as well as with stronger salads. Rosignola is the most mommon in Rovinj area of Istria but has nicely adopted to rocky terrains overlooking town of Motovun.  In our olive grove it is represented in relatively small numbers but with solid friutfullness.

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